Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Organize Your Dinners

How many people have ever sat down and organized your dinners?

This post is a How-To-Guide to organizing your dinners. The reason for organizing your dinners is because with times the way they are every cent matters and why buy something if you don't need it.

Step 1
Take inventory of what you have. This means if your starting out, to take everything out and see what you have to work with. Check your pantry, refrigerator and freezer it is best if your new at this to take everything out this will also help you organize your food supplies

Step 2
Figure out how many meals you will need to make and how many people you need to feed. This will depend on how often you can go shopping. I shop for 2 weeks at a time and I feed 4 people and 7 animals.

Step 3
Once you have step 1 and 2 complete, take out your calendar and figure out what you will serve for breakfast, lunch and dinner for that time period. The amount of meals may change because your children may eat lunch at school some of the time or your spouse may take a day out of the week that they may eat out for lunch.

Step 4
The most important step in this process is work with what you have first. For example you have enough chicken for 6 meals make sure you do not purchase any more until you have used what you have first.

Step 5
There are staples in every household. What the staples may be will change from family to family. Some basic staples are flour, sugar, salt, pepper, corn meal, milk and bread. These may not be your staples but they give you an idea.

Step 6
Most families use about 20 to 30 different recipes on average. I recommend you looking at those recipes and figure out ways to change them up using the same ingredients. This makes it look and feel like a change without extra cost.

Step 7
Now your armed with what you need to purchase at the grocery store. Make a list and include everything you need on that list. The most important thing is to take the list with you to the store and only get what is on the list.

I will post another How-To-Guide on locating the coupons needed and how to shop for what you need and save big bucks while you do it.

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