Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Finding Coupons

Coupons can be difficult to find if you don't know where to look. Even more important is how to get the coupons for items you use. The one thing I can tell you is to not purchase something just because you have a coupon for it. Only use coupons for items you use. There are several steps to finding coupons you will need.

Step 1
Get your Sunday paper if you live in a small area get the paper for the nearest large city so you can get coupons from it. Most small newspapers don't have coupons in them. I would keep them and organize them in a large expand file you will want to label the coupons with the date on the tap. This tip goes to my good friend Donna we are 2 of a kind and she is a wonderful friend.

Step 2
There are many online coupon sites that can offer great savings as well. Many of the coupons on the sites are free to print and can save good money as well.

Step 3
Magazines are also a great way to find coupons. There are many out there that have great coupons in them All You, Family Circle to name a few.

Step 4
If you can't find a coupon for an item that you use, try looking up the manufactures website. Sometimes there will be coupons you can print directly from the site. Or you can contact them and most companies will send you coupons just for enquiring.

Step 5
Before you go shopping after you have made your list, check your local sale papers and if you can get some of the lost leaders and you have coupons for them I say go for it. I am not telling you to drive all over town to save a few dollars. But if you need Chicken and you can get it for .99 cents a pound I would go over and stock up on it.

Step 6
Now you have an idea of what you need to purchase and you have your coupons ready to go it is time to match the coupon with the items and head to the store.

Happy Shopping!

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