Monday, May 31, 2010

Home-made Cleaners in a Pinch!

When your in a pinch and are out of money in a pinch will help you find the items in your home that will help cut back a bit or make it until you have funds to purchase what you need.

I clean the bath tub with comet, I get it at the Dollar Store for .50. If I am out of Comet, I use baking soda and vingar to clean tough surfaces. This can also be used to clean sinks, and toilets.

I love to use vingar and newspapers to clean glass and mirrors in the home. I don't eve purchase glass cleaner anymore this is so cheap and works great there is no need to reason to buy it.

My third tip I will leave you with in Home-Made Cleaners is this, remember lemon is a great natural scent, so when your freshing up or doing a good hard clean a little silver of lemon will make the room smell wonderful for almost nothing at all!


  1. wow, thats cool stuff for cleaning, I'd like to try them at home.

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  3. Times are so hard, great ways to save. There are tons of ways vinegar can save us money.
    thanks for the tips.