Thursday, April 29, 2010

A New Direction to Living for Less?

As each year passes we always find new and different to live for less. Back when my grandparents were alive you think had cable tv and a cell phone? Not a chance, even though cell phones hadn't been invented yet.

I am taking a look at different ways to live on less with out it hurting so bad. I can remember when I was a child and my parents were divorced I was still pretty young about 8 or so. I stayed with my mother and my sister stayed with our father. I can remember many nights going to bed hungry, waking up hungry and not getting any lunch unless it was a school day and then I would get a big bill to take to my mother at the end of the day and she would ask me how come I ate at school? I am sure most people didn't grow up this way. Looking back on it now, my mother made bad choices she always had smokes and what ever type of drink she wanted but never had time for me or money to buy silly stuff like food.

Ok, I will get off the past because I am working for the future and for my children. We live in a very expensive part of the country. I am lucky, I am able to use the commissary to do shopping however, it isn't always the best deal. I am a deal seeker I want the .69 chicken breast and the dollar a bag frozen veggies. I do find these deals and I will show you how to find the deals too... I am on a quest to make not only make my budget a bit tighter I want to do it making good food, heart healthy food and change my path on how I eat and what I feed my family.

I will up post my progress for you my readers and let you know how I do and I will continue to add freebies and coupons daily~ If you have any advice on this subject please share it with me.

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